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7. Power boating, Jetski and Personal Watercraft

We want all water users to work together to keep the water off our beaches safe and enjoyable for everyone. If you want to use a jetski or powerboat on these waters please follow this guide to help everyone stay safe:

• Ensure that your craft is safe, well maintained, regularly inspected, and suitable for the waters in which you intend to use it.

• Make sure you have a current chart and are aware of all hazards in the area.

• Make sure you check the notice to mariners for any relevant harbour and from the MCA and Trinity house.

• Always wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, and carry a means of calling for help such as mobile phone or marine radio in a waterproof case, flares etc.

• If you are new to your sport consider training to make sure you know how to use your vessel in a fun and safe way.

• Be aware that at all our beaches except Exmouth there is an 8 knot speed limit from circa ¼ of a nautical mile out landward, from May to September this is marked with a line of yellow buoys.

• At Exmouth there is a ten knot speed limit within the Harbour waters and a craft exclusion zone between the lifeboat station and Orcombe Point also marked by a buoyline.

• Please be vigilant of other water users, especially swimmers, consider them when choosing your route, speed etc.

• If you are landing temporarily at any of our beaches please be very cautious of people in the water and come in dead slow. Also consider how you are going to secure your craft while beached.

• Consider joining a national association and/or local club to learn more about your sport
Exmouth Power Boat and Ski Club

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