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5. Windsurfing, Canoeing and Stand Up Paddleboard

There has been a massive increase in the use of these at our beaches in the last couple of years. Water sports can be a great way to stay fit and benefit your mental health, but the sea is a hazardous place so please follow this advice to help you stay safe.

• Never go alone, you are much safer in pairs or groups where someone will see you if you get into trouble. If you don’t have friends to go with why not join a local club.

• Even on a hot day the water can be much colder so wear a wet suit to help keep your core temperature up.

• Buy the best equipment you can afford. While a cheap board from a supermarket may be tempting, quality equipment is safer and will help you enjoy the sport more. Many of our beaches have concessions where boards or canoes can be hired.

• If you are using an ankle leash, make sure it is quick release so you can free yourself if you need to.

• Wear a life vest or buoyancy aid and carry a means of summoning help such as a mobile phone, or marine band radio in a waterproof case, whistle, air horn, or flares.

• If you are new to the sport consider taking lessons, all our beaches have concessions that offer a good way to learn how to stay safe and have fun on the water
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• To learn more about staying safe on the water check out the RNLI guides
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• Consider joining your sport’s governing body for news, safety advice and events and competitions
British Canoeing
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