Policy Equality Policy and Objectives 2021-2025

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3. How will we achieve this?

When helping to build successful communities, the council has an important role to play in

Working to support successful communities. To do this we need to:

  • develop policies that promote community cohesion and resilience
  • increase the consultation and engagement of people from diverse communities to inform the council’s decision making process
  • support services in the private and voluntary sector that meet the diverse needs of the community

As a service provider, we will make our services easier to use and more accessible for everyone in East Devon. To do this we will:

  • make information about our services more widely available and more accessible
  • make our buildings accessible to customers
  • make contacting the council easier and more accessible to all customers by continuing to use a variety of channels such as website, face to face and telephone. 

As an employer, our aim is to be an equal opportunities employer.  To do this we will:

  • increase the degree by which workforce diversity reflects the local population
  • ensure all staff are paid equally for work of equal value
  • ensure that staff are treated fairly and have equal opportunities at work regardless of their background or status
  • ensure that all staff can work in an environment and culture free from harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • ensure that all staff have the skills and understanding they need to meet the diverse needs of a diverse population
  • ensure that we monitor the workforce in relation to equality indicators such as discrimination and other claims.