Policy Equality Policy and Objectives 2021-2025

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5. Our Supporting Policies, Structures and Processes

In order to reduce the risk of unlawful discrimination we have a number of supporting policies, structures and processes in place, in addition to this policy. These include:

  • An Equality Impact Assessment guide for staff and councillors and related form to help analyse the effects our policies and services have on people.
  • Recruitment standards, a behaviours framework and learning and development opportunities.
  • Recruitment practice which involves considering all vacancies for flexible working at the point of recruitment.
  • Flexibility in our flexi time policy which allows greater work/life balance.
  • Unacceptable Customer Behaviour Policy, Bullying and Harassment Policy for staff and Code of Conduct for councillors.
  • Discrimination/harassment as gross misconduct under the Conduct Policy and a Grievance Procedure for staff.
  • Procedures for reporting incidents of discrimination and Hate Crime and a Hate Crime strategy.
  • Feedback (complaints) procedure for customers.
  • Communication standards including policies and guidance for translations, interpreting and alternative formats.
  • Disability access improvement plans for buildings.
  • Procurement/commissioning standards and clauses.
  • Supporting guidance and information, including information about community needs, views and profiles, which are published on our website.
  • Performance reporting on equality.
  • A member and officers with designated responsibility for leading on equality, raising awareness and building capacity within the organisation.
  • External scrutiny and consultation arrangements commissioned with voluntary and community sector organisations (including the Equality Partners Group).