Policy Equality Policy and Objectives 2021-2025

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4. What are our equalities objectives?

Equality Objective Number 1 - Know our communities  

  • Co-ordinate and share equalities information, data and intelligence across the organisation.
  • Develop better data and information about our towns.
  • Make good use of partnership data to improve our intelligence profile of East Devon
  • Consider opportunities for using customer data to target services.
  • Regularly survey East Devon residents and equalities groups to find out what they think of our services and how we need to improve.
  • Ask local diversity groups to review our policies and practices including this policy.

Equality Objective Number 2 – Serve our communities

  • Continue to monitor demand to make sure the council offers services how and when our customers want them.
  • Forge better links with partnerships and community groups.
  • Make sure we work with partners and have a zero tolerance approach to ‘hate crime’.
  • Work with partners and lobby government to minimise the impact of proposed major changes to benefits for people out of work or on low incomes.
  • Maintain a diverse workforce that is reflective of the local community and who feel valued and treated fairly.
  • Recognise the needs of different customers and make reasonable adjustments.
  • Develop and action our new Poverty Strategy to help support all our communities.
  • We have signed up to the Armed Forces Community Covenant which is a promise of support to local servicemen and women, veterans and their families.

Equality Objective Number 3 – Include equalities in all our decision making 

  • Help councillors identify equalities issues and promote equalities thinking in debate and decision making particularly around budget decisions.
  • Equalities review required on all committee papers via the reporting template.
  • Complete an equality impact analysis for all relevant key decisions, service changes and policies.
  • Revise procurement, financial and legal contracts to reflect our commitment to equalities.
  • Improve monitoring of our workforce profile to identify trends and challenge inequalities.
  • Produce equal pay data in accordance with legislation and gender pay gap reporting.