The Council Statement of Intent sets out our main priorities and forms the focus of all that we aim to achieve.

Our vision is to achieve a positive difference to residents’ lives and our environment in East Devon and this vision is integral to this Statement and will inform our Council Plan.

We believe that EDDC can achieve this through four key themes:

  • (1) A Greener East Devon, which prioritises climate change and our natural environment 
  • (2) Better Homes and Communities for all with a priority on the importance of good quality, affordable housing suitable in size and location. Poverty caused by the loss of employment, illness or disability is an increasing issue and will be a high priority for EDDC to tackle through all means available to us.
  • (3) A Resilient Economy bringing prosperity to the district notwithstanding the current challenging circumstances
  • (4) Services that matter to all of us 

The plan lists our promises to achieve those ambitions for our district. The progress of each promise is reported on quarterly and annually through our performance reporting pages

Our other plans

Sitting alongside the council plan are our communications and customer plans.

We now also have Green Space and Cultural Plans

Previous council plan - council plan 2020-2024