The council plan 2016-20 sets out our main priorities and forms the focus of all that we aim to achieve by 2020. This council plan will be refreshed and updated as appropriate during 2018.

Our priorities and outcomes set out in the council plan are:

Encouraging communities to be outstanding

  • more good quality, local homes for local people
  • Balanced communities for a sustainable future

Developing an outstanding local economy

  • Greater investment and economic growth into East Devon

Delivering and promoting our outstanding environment

  • Abundant leisure opportunities and quality open spaces

  • Protection and enhancement of our natural and built environment

Continuously improving to be an outstanding council

  • A culture that promotes continuous improvement, innovation, commercial thinking and new ways of working.

  • A council that prioritises keeping our residents informed.

The plan lists our promises to achieve those ambitions for our district. The progress of each promise is reported on quarterly and annually through our performance reporting pages

The full PDF version of the Council plan 2016-2020

The text only version of the Council plan 2016-2020

Previous  Council plan 2014 -16  is also available as a PDF

Sitting alongside the council plan are our communications, ICT and customer plans all available as PDF to download, as well as our transformation strategy.

We now also have Green Space and Cultural Plans