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2. Council Tax on new properties

Once we have been advised about a new property, we report it to the Listing Officer at the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). They decide the valuation band your property is in so that we can send you a Council Tax bill. Sometimes this can take up to 18 weeks.

Register your new property for Council Tax

You will need to register your new property with Council Tax to begin the banding process. Tell us:

  • the full address of the new property
  • the full names of all owners or tenancy holders
  • your previous address and Council Tax account number (if you are an East Devon resident already)
  • if this is your main residence or a second home
  • name and address of owner if this is a rented property
  • the completion date or tenancy start date
  • the date the property became furnished
  • the date you moved into the property
  • your contact telephone number

You can email this information to

Did you know you can start paying now whilst you are waiting for your property to be banded?

This will help to prevent arrears building up as Council Tax is a daily charge from the date you become liable (such as the completion date or tenancy start date).
Tell us:

  • the approximate value of the property,
  • the type of property it is such as detached, semi-detached, terraced or a flat,
  • the number of bedrooms it has 

You can email this information to

We will estimate the charge and give you a reference number (we are unable to issue a bill until the VOA decide on the band) so that you can make payments by:

  1. Direct Debit - the quickest and easiest way to pay
  2. online or by telephone

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