Guide What happens if you don't pay your Council Tax?

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11. Providing information after court

If we have taken you to court and you have not paid in full, we may ask you to provide information. The Council Tax Information form has been issued in response to a court order and is a legal document.

We can still help you at this stage. Don’t delay. Click on the blue arrow to complete the online Council Tax Information form.

Can you refuse to provide the information?
You can refuse if:

What if you don’t provide the information? 
If you fail to provide information to a valid request then you commit an offence under regulation 56 of the Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992. We can make an application to the Magistrates Court in respect of the offence and the magistrate can issue a fine of up to £500 for failing to provide information and up to £1000 for providing false information.

What can we do with the information?
We can use the information to take enforcement action against you to recover any outstanding monies. Failing to complete and return the Council Tax Information form does not prevent action being taken.

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