Guide What happens if you don't pay your Council Tax?

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5. What court action can the council take?

We can apply to the magistrates court for a liability order which gives us greater powers of recovery if we need it.

We will send you a summons telling you the date of the court hearing and the amount of unpaid Council Tax, plus our costs - £42 as at April 2017. 

Only payment in full will stop the recovery action. However, if you can make an immediate part payment, please call 01395 517448.

 The following are not valid reasons for the magistrates to refuse to grant the liability order:

  • you cannot afford to pay
  • you have applied for Council Tax Reduction and are awaiting the outcome
  • you have appealed against your Council Tax band - you must still pay the amount on the summons. We will send you a new bill and a refund of any overpayment if the band is changed
  • you have appealed to the Valuation Tribunal regarding your liability, exemption or discount. You must still pay the amount on the summons and we will send you a new bill if the charge is changed. You will get a refund if you have paid too much.

A liability order may not be granted if:

  • the amount on the summons has been paid in full including costs (and a receipt is shown)
  • we have not sent you Council Tax bills and reminders in accordance with the regulations