Policy Complaints procedure

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2. Our guiding principles

We will:

  • put the customer at the heart of the process, showing empathy and understanding for the issues they raise
  • treat all complaints seriously with an honest and open mind and do everything we can to deal with them efficiently and effectively
  • be open minded and flexible in our approach while operating within our process
  • say sorry if we have made a mistake, or something has gone wrong, and we will put it right as soon as possible
  • aim to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity
  • make sure our responses will be open and honest, based on the evidence available, address all elements of the complaint, and provide clear explanations for decisions made
  • ensure our procedure is equally accessible irrespective of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief
  • provide effective support, guidance and advice about advocacy, conciliation or mediation services
  • use complaints information in a positive way to identify training requirements, improve processes, and share learning to prevent similar occurrences in the future