What is anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

Anti-social Behaviour can be described as acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.

Examples of anti-social behaviour

Examples of things you can report are:

Reports of anti-social behaviour will be used as intelligence gathering and will help to tackle ASB together within the community.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can impact on many areas of our communities.

We deal with many aspects of anti-social behaviour and East Devon District Council works closely with the police and other agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The Police deal with more serious anti-social behaviour issues such as groups gathering causing public disorder, underage drinking in public areas, harassment or intimidating behaviour.

To contact the police about this behaviour phone 101 - the non emergency number for reporting incidents once they have occurred.

Phone 999 - if a crime is happening now or offenders are at the scene.

More information is available from Devon and Cornwall Neighbourhood Policing .

What can I do about Anti-Social Behaviour?

If you are made to feel uncomfortable or disturbed by other people's behaviour around your home, where it is safe to do so, you should first try to approach the other party involved and explain to them that their actions are affecting you. 

Sometimes, other people will be unaware that their behaviour is causing distress or a nuisance and therefore giving them an opportunity to remedy the situation may help. 

You can use our 'Dear Neighbour' card to highlight an issue with your neighbour and review our Good Neighbour Guide.

The links below will provide you with supporting information on different ways you can deal with ASB.

Devon Mediation Service | Helping resolve disagreements and disputes across Devon (

Tackling the Problem of Anti-social Behaviour yourself (

Complaining about your neighbour - Citizens Advice

Support line - Anti social behaviour (

This is particularly aimed at persons that are isolated and vulnerable. They offer confidential emotional support and anyone can refer themselves.

Antisocial behaviour - Victim Support

Victim support also run “ my space”, you can register online and you choose how you want to be supported. Here is the link for registering: My Support Space My Support Space

How do I report anti-social behaviour to the Council?
  • You can Contact us by phone, email or in person.
  • Report form link
What happens when I report anti-social behaviour?

Your complaint will be sent to the ASB Officer for your area, who will acknowledge your complaint. The ASB Officer will contact you to discuss how you wish to progress your complaint. 

How does ASB affect our tenants?

Any ASB caused by or affecting anyone living on our estates is dealt with by our Estate Management Teams. If the ASB you wish to report is relating to our estates, please see Reporting an estate management issue - East Devon.