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11. Additional Discretionary Funding

Additional Discretionary Funding 

Accessible Homes Grant

The Accessible Homes Grant offers top up funding, where available. This is in addition to the Disabled Facilities Grant where the cost of works exceed £30,000 or are not covered by DFG funding. Please see the Financial Assistance Policy for further details on eligibility and conditions.

Accessible Homes Grant – Moving Application

During the application process it may be found that your property is not suitable for adaptation. In this case then an Accessible Homes Grant – Moving Application may be available. These grants are available to assist a disabled person to move to a more suitable home. But only when it is more appropriate to move rather than adapt an existing property. Details of the grant available, the eligibility criteria and conditions are all available in the Financial Assistance Policy. 

If you would like a copy of the Financial Assistance Policy please contact us either by email, or by telephone on 01395 571572.