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7. Applying for a grant

Applying for a grant 

We offer a full support service for grant applications and works management.

We also offer options if you prefer to carry out these out with some or full independence.

There are 2 options for the application and works management process. Which one you choose will depend on whether you wish:

  • to proceed with the suggested scheme of works
  • to carry out works that are different to the suggested scheme
  • to manage the process yourself
  • us to manage the process for you

Preparing your application and managing works

Option 1 

Choose option 1 if you wish to proceed with the suggested scheme and would prefer us to fully manage the process for you. (Preferred Option)

The DFG service will:

  • where relevant, assess your financial circumstances to calculate if you must make a contribution toward the cost of works
  • arrange for a grant officer to visit your home to discuss the application and adaptations
  • draw up a schedule of works and plans (if applicable)
  • assist in getting the necessary agreements and approvals
  • assist in the completion of the formal application forms
  • deal with any unexpected works and interim payments
  • arrange final payment to contractors
  • collect certificates and guarantees from contractors and pass them on to you

The application process

Step 1

We will arrange for a grant officer to attend your property.

Step 2

The grant officer will talk to you about the recommended adaptations and survey the areas of your property related to them and complete the application form.

If required a technical officer will consult with you and draft a layout plan for the adaptations.

Step 3

If required the technical officer will share the draft layout with the occupational therapist and ask for their feedback. Once the occupational therapist has approved the layout, we will ask for your final approval.

Step 4

When everyone has agreed the final layout, a final schedule of works will be drafted.

Both the schedule of works and the layout plan will form the essential parts of an invitation to tender. The invitation will be sent to at least 3 contractors inviting them to provide quotes for the works.

Step 5

Once the tender has closed, the quotes will be assessed to identify the best value.

We will notify you of the winning contractor and formalise your application. This will include checking:

  • completion of the paper documents (including owner or tenant’s certificate)
  • the provision of supporting evidence such as bank statements and identification
  • Land registry

Step 6

Your application is checked to make sure that it is complete and valid.

It is then passed to a senior officer to review and decide on whether the application should be approved or declined.

We aim to make the decision on the completed application in 4 weeks or less.


Not all referrals will follow this process exactly.

Some referrals, such as stairlifts, simple level access showers and simple ramps, may not need a technical officer from the DFG service to attend your property.

Instead, it may be more appropriate for a technical officer from a company that can directly supply and install the product to attend.

In some instances, a surveyor may have already visited you jointly with the occupational therapist.

Option 2 

Choose option 2 if you wish to proceed with the suggested scheme but would prefer to manage the process yourself. Financial assistance cannot be provided if the works have already been completed.

This means that you will complete all stages of the application yourself, including:

  • getting the relevant planning permissions and building regulations
  • provide the Council with 3 competitive quotes
  • arranging your own architect and contractors to plan, develop and build your scheme
  • providing supporting information
  • managing the construction phase

If you choose this option you must be able to show that the scheme:

  • meets all the requirements of the needs specification
  • is the best value with 3 competitive quotes

The DFG service will provide you with as much information as possible to help you in meeting these requirements.

Once you submit the complete and valid application the DFG service will:

  • compare the works with the recommendations
  • complete a tender analysis

This is to make sure that the works are compliant and offer best value for money.

The Council cannot give a grant if the works/adaptation have already been completed before approval. The maximum grant is up to £30,000.