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6. Arranging a needs assessment

Arranging a needs assessment 

Applying for a grant has several stages and can take time. For legal reasons, we need to be sure the proposed adaptations are necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the disabled person. 

You can read more about this in Section 24(3)a of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.   

To meet this need, the first stage of the application process is a needs assessment. The assessment will be carried out by an occupational therapist. The role of the occupational therapist is to carry out an assessment based on functional need, taking into consideration the disabled person's medical condition in order to identify any needs and possible solutions.

Arranging an assessment

To arrange a home assessment, you will need to contact the occupational therapy department at Care Direct.

You can contact the department by:

  • telephoning Care Direct at Devon County Council on 0345 1551 007
  • or the Integrated Children's Service on 0330 024 5321

You can also be referred to occupational therapy by family, friends, housing associations, GPs, a social worker or by the hospital.

An occupational therapist will contact you to arrange a home visit to discuss your needs. 

During the assessment

The occupational therapist will look around your home and discuss your needs with you or an appointed person.  To make a full assessment the occupational therapist will consider functionality and environmental factors.

Depending on the needs identified, they may provide you with guidance and equipment. If your needs cannot be met in this way, they will refer you to the Council for consideration for grant funded adaptations. Another may be to give advice on the possibility of moving to a more suitable property, which is either already adapted or more suitable to be adapted.

After the assessment

After receiving the information from the occupational therapist, we will consider the contents of the referral. If we are satisfied that the adaptations are necessary and appropriate, you will be contacted to arrange a home visit to complete a financial assistance  application.

The occupational therapist is not responsible for the grant and does not have the skills or specific knowledge to mediate on technical points about the structure or build process.