Policy Housing Strategy 2020 - 2024

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6. High Level Priorities

1. Providing homes

  • Tackling homelessness and rough sleeping
  • Providing council housing for those who need it, reflecting their needs
  • Work with the private sector and Housing Associations to increase availability of homes for low income households, prioritising social rented accommodation
  • Take an overview of the total housing market in East Devon and maximise effort to match housing demand and provision

2. Improving homes

  • Bring sub-standard housing (of all tenure) up to the required standards
  • Improve the use and safety of housing
  • Improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of housing and eliminate fuel poverty including our own housing stock
  • Enable vulnerable people to live as independently as possible and where possible and practicable remain in their own homes if they so wish
  • Maintain and manage the council owned housing stock to a high standard, actively involving tenants in all aspects of the service

3. Improving communities

  • Support the improvement and regeneration of local communities by encouraging social inclusion, involving children and young people with housing issues, and enabling residents to actively participate in their communities
  • Invest in improvement of communal areas and grounds, encouraging more nature and green sites across the district
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of our tenants by ensuring regular communication and encouraging mutual support within our communities.

4. Improving Services

  • Develop and expand internal systems to optimise service delivery
  • Seek and respond to feedback from tenants to guide service improvements