Policy Housing Strategy 2020 - 2024

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9. Meeting our priorities - improving homes

Key Service Objectives for Improving Homes

  1. Carry out an updated Stock Condition Survey on our Council owned housing stock in order to collate up to date information, including energy performance, and use it to inform a new stock investment programme to decarbonise the Housing assets.
  2. Once the Stock Condition Survey has been completed we will use the data to update and inform the 30 year HRA Business Plan that includes detailed Asset Management considerations.
  3. Implement the actions contained in the Climate Change Action Plan relating to housing, specifically a phased replacement of heating systems reliant of burning fossil fuels and improved energy efficient homes for tenants.
  4. Addressing Fuel poverty and energy efficiency in owner occupied and rented homes.
  5. Refresh and clearly define our offer of sheltered accommodation ensuring clarity and a commitment to the levels of support that can be offered.
  6. Improve void turnaround times and review the Void Standard for properties being relet as part of our Price Per Void contract, and ensure that a suitable lettable standard is achieved for new tenants achieving ‘right first time’.
  7. Develop and consult tenants on an EDDC Home Standard that exceeds the Decent Homes Standard and that can be applied to all homes.
  8. Publish a five year planned maintenance and cyclical decoration programme to provide tenants with visibility of planned works.
  9. Develop and expand on Year 2 of the Integrated Asset Management Contract to further increase customer satisfaction. Look to implement the first series of social value objectives, review the Handyperson offer and consider the inclusion of the planned works programme under the contract.
  10. Introduce a Programme of Property MOTs.
  11. Implement a robust process for dealing with Disrepair Claims, ensuring that this is embedded into all team processes. Prepare to meet the requirements of the Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act.
  12. Identify areas of Housing land that are being used by residents without permission and ensure the appropriate signage is posted at all entrances and exits to prevent future claims of easements over our land.
  13. PWS To review; risk assess; sample and enforce on private water supplies so that homes are fit for occupation and have a wholesome and safe water supply.
  14. To engage and work with residents in filthy and verminous properties.
  15. Increase the use of enforcement powers in the private rented sector to improve housing conditions and tenant safety.
  16. To deliver an increased in home improvements and adaptations using the Better Care Fund
  17. To license and inspect all houses in multiple occupation and residential caravan sites
  18. Work with landlords and managing agents to encourage standards to be raised and advise on regulatory issues
  19. Work towards a ratio of 70/30 spend on Planned to Responsive repair works.
  20. Develop and introduce mobile/floating support service to assist vulnerable tenants, particularly those with mental health issues, sustain their tenancies.
  21. Improve our approach to safeguarding by implementing the protocol developed for Registered Providers.
  22. Embrace the changes anticipated in the Building Safety Act, including the appointment of building safety managers.
  23. Continue to develop and enhance the Open Housing System in order to continually improve efficiency and the customer’s experience of contact with our service. Work alongside colleagues Corporately with the roll out of Firmstep in order to develop and release the tenant portal.