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6. Keeping pets

You can keep a domestic pet or pets in your home - provided they are well cared for and kept under proper control. We ask that you give careful consideration to the type and number of pets you have and make sure they are suitable for the type of property you live in.

Our tenancy agreement contains a section on 'Keeping pets' (Section 4.8).  You must keep to the guidance set out within these clauses.

In summary you must:

  • Comply with any legislation concerning the keeping and control of your pet
  • Keep your pets under proper control at all times and not allow any nuisance behaviour
  • Keep garden areas free of animal faeces and not allow your pet to foul shared areas
  • Seek our permission for pet flaps or exits before these are put in (we cannot allow these to be fitted in any fire rated door, window or wall).
  • Microchip all your dogs

If any animal you keep in the property causes nuisance, annoyance, damage or a public health risk to anyone in the local area, including our employees or representatives, we can ask you to remove it or take legal action for breaching the nuisance clause of your tenancy agreement.

We have a pet policy which sets out our conditions regarding having pets in council properties.