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12. Safeguarding

The Council is committed to protecting the safety of those most vulnerable in our communities, and recognises the important role that taxi drivers play in relation to this as eyes and ears within the community.  The Department for Transport states that "Licensing authorities should consider the role that those in the taxi and private hire vehicle industry can play in spotting and reporting the abuse, exploitation or neglect of children and vulnerable adults… and should require taxi and private hire vehicle drivers to undertake safeguarding training."  For instance, Taxi drivers are given great responsibility when they taxi children to and from school.  They operate 24 hours and are often a port of call for people in vulnerable situations.  Safeguarding training will help drivers identify passengers that may have been abused, trafficked, or caught in terrible circumstances such as county lines or other forms of harm.  Training will help Drivers have more confidence in how to report any concerns to the police or local authorities. 

Because of this, all licensed drivers must attend Safeguarding training relating to children and vulnerable adults, approved by East Devon District Council.  This applies to both Hackney and Private Hire Drivers.

How to complete Safeguarding Training

After a thorough review of course providers, the council has chosen the e-learning course 'Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk' provided by Uniformed Transport Systems to meet this need.  

Existing drivers must complete this course and provide their completion certificate to the Licensing Department of East Devon District Council by 1st November 2024.  This can be sent by email to  New drivers are required to complete the course within 12 months of their initial application. 

The course provider has given a discount for East Devon drivers, bringing the amount payable by each East Devon driver down to £22.  A coupon code has been emailed to existing drivers, or you can contact the Licensing Team to obtain this.  

Unified Transport Systems are available to offer technical help to all candidates either on the phone, 07862 581393 (Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm) or by email