Guide Organise an event on council land

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2. Event booking process overview

We recommend that you contact us as early as possible in your planning process, preferably as soon as you have an idea about your event.

There are a number of steps you'll need to complete before your event can go ahead as set out in the table below.

We have put together some basic time frames to help ensure you have allowed appropriate time for the planning of your event. These will help you meet the necessary time frame for a licence, permit applications and notification processes and will enable us to support you with your event.

Event Category
First Steps
Advance Planning Period
All events 
Any number and all events 
  1. Review the 'Organising Your Event' documents
  2. Understand what licences are required
  3. Complete and submit a land hire application form and Risk Assessment 
  4. Provide details of your PLI cover
  5. Pay £42 (plus VAT) application fee
There are multiple steps required in order to plan an event; each with their own application notice period. For medium to large events, its is advisable to plan your events up to a year in advance. This will allow time for the various engagement process to take place and licenses to be applied for.   
Next steps
Application notice period
A - Small

Under 500

No licensable activities 

  • EDDC Consultation Process Commences
  • Pay fees
At least 6 weeks in advance £5m
B - Medium

Under 500*

Licensable activities

Road closures

  • Required an Event Management Plan
  • Likely to require a Safety Advisory Group
  • Apply for License/s
  • EDDC Consultation Process commences
  • Event confirmed when licenses in place
  • Pay fees

Apply at least 3 months in advance.


Apply at least 6 months in advance, if you require a time limited (details set out in Organising your Event document)

C - Large of special events 

Over 500

Licensable activities

Safety Issue such as firework displays, watersports etc. 

  • Will require an Event Management Plan
  • Will need to attend a Safety Advisory Group 
  • Apply for license/s
  • EDDC Consultation Process commences
  • Event Payment confirmed when licenses in place
  • Pay fees
Apply at least 6 months in advance (preferably up to 12 months) as an event management plan, a Safety Advisory Group committee and/or multiple licenses may be required.  £10m


PLI = Public liability Insurance 

* Confirm your event is not a 'special' event.