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1. Proposed agricultural or forestry development - proposed building

Before you apply, have you:

  • checked if you need planning permission for the work you want to do?
  • found out what you need to supply with an application?
  • understood how much it will cost?
  • read the guidance notes for the completion of your application?

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Validation Checklist

These  documents and plans are required to submit your application.

National requirements

  • A completed form or written description of the proposed development and the materials to be used
  • A plan indicating the site
  • The appropriate fee

Local requirements - may include some or all of the following particularly where formal prior approval is required

All plans must include a scale bar at the appropriate scale in accordance with our Local Requirements.

Plans (two in total to be supplied unless the application is submitted electronically.

  • Existing and proposed elevations (for example, at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100)
  • Existing and proposed site sections and finished floor and site levels (for example, at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100)
  • Existing and proposed floor plans (for example, at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100)
    • Photographs/photomontages.
    • Planning Statement.
    • The exact position of the new building showing its relationship and distance from other buildings and boundaries of the site.
    • The exact type of external cladding materials for the roof and walls.
    • The exact British Standard colour for all external cladding materials.
    • Details of any arrangements to dispose of slurry or other waste (if applicable).
    • In the case of any changes in ground level, existing and proposed levels with a cross section drawing through the building to show it in context with the site.
    • If appropriate an ecological appraisal and survey to address the possible presence of protected species such as bats, birds, badgers, water voles and reptiles and amphibians.
    • An indicative landscaping scheme to show details of both hard (such as hard surfaced areas with suggested finishes) and soft (such as areas by different vegetation type and suggested number and sizes of trees to be planted or retained). Similarly details of new ground profiles or levels shall be included. (This does not apply to householder developments). If appropriate a tree survey and arboricultural report – see trees and development, advice for those submitting a planning application in East Devon District Council.

Your application comes back to us to decide if you can go ahead. Once we have validated your notification, we will tell you our decision with the statutory time limit of 42 days.  If you do not hear from us by day 43 you may proceed with your development.