Guide Purchasing council property & acquiring other interests in council owned land

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12. Decision making process

The process for deciding whether to accept your application is governed by the council’s constitution and depends on the nature and value of the transaction. The following is a summary of the most frequently encountered decision making processes:

  • If the transaction is one that can be determined at officer level, the Estates surveyor will make the decision.
  • If the decision is one that has to be determined at officer level, after consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Economy, the surveyor will then co ordinate this process.
  • If the decision is one that must be made by the Portfolio Holder for Economy then the surveyor will consult with each of the relevant Ward Members about your application. Once their views have been gained, the matter will be considered by the Deputy Chief Executive (or one of his delegated officers) and the Portfolio Holder for Economy, who will make a decision. You will then be advised in writing of the decision. This part of the process will take approximately 12 weeks but can take longer.
  • If the decision is one that must be made by Cabinet, then it will take up to a further 6 weeks. The Council’s Cabinet meetings are held once a month and are an opportunity for Councillors and the general public to meet to discuss issues affecting their area. Further details regarding the Cabinet can be obtained from the Council’s website.

Please note that information regarding your application may be made available to this public meeting unless it contains sensitive information that is considered exempt (as defined in Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act, 1972).