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5. Grant Schemes

What grant schemes are available under the UK Shared Prosperity Fund?

Funding from the Net Zero Innovation, Sustainable Tourism and Cultural programmes - along with funding received from the Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF) - has been allocated to the following four grant schemes:

Culture, Leisure and Tourism Fund - Grants for community organisations with a culture and leisure focus to purchase equipment to decarbonise their premises. Grants for a limited number of tourism businesses to decarbonise or improve their accessibility. This fund was run in 2023/24 using both UKSPF and REPF funding. This funding will be available in 2024/25 under the Carbon Action Fund. 

Innovation and Resilience Fund (Round 2 and 3) - Grants for rural businesses, farms and businesses with a net zero focus to purchase equipment which will enable job creation or improved productivity. This fund combines both UKSPF and REPF funding for 2023/24. It will be solely REPF-funded in 2024/25, with UKSPF funding channelled into the Carbon Action Fund. 

Creative East Devon Fund - Grants for community organisations to support small-scale cultural and arts projects in East Devon. This scheme will be funded through the Cultural Programme for 2023/24. 

Carbon Action Fund - Grants for both businesses and rural community organisations to purchase decarbonisation equipment to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint. To be eligible, organisations must have a carbon action plan, which can be sourced freely through our Carbon Action Programme. 

What grants can I apply for?

We have launched a UKSPF Grant Checker to help you find support and grants schemes for which you may be eligible. By selecting your type of organisation and the type of support you would like, you can find out which schemes we have available. 

The Creative East Devon Fund Round 2 is currently open for new applications

The Carbon Action Fund will open for applications in Autumn 2024.