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2. Investment Plan

What is an Investment Plan?

To release the UK Shared Prosperity Fund allocation, East Devon District Council had to submit an Investment Plan to central government for approval. The Investment Plan described East Devon's key challenges and opportunities to be addressed through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It also outlined the planned projects we would deliver with the funding and the outputs and outcomes against which we would measure progress. 

How was the Investment Plan developed?

The Investment Plan was developed with a Local Partnership Group (LPG). The LPG consisted of local businesses, community organisations, and political representatives, who helped to identify the needs and challenges the funding should address. Officers then developed the Investment Plan and project proposals with the support of the LPG. The Investment Plan was signed off by a Programme Management Panel of councillors and the local MPs for East Devon. 

How was the Rural England Prosperity Funding unlocked?

As the Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF) was announced after our Investment Plan had been developed and agreed, an additional document needed to be submitted detailing how we would use our REPF allocation. This Addendum describes the projects funded through the REPF and their objectives and outputs.