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10. Policy Administration

Links related Policies/Strategies, Procedures and Legislation

Policies/ Strategies:

  • Council Plan
  • Equality Policy and objectives 2021-2025
  • Communications Plan 2020 - 2024
  • Document Retention Schedule
  • Data Protection Policy
  • CIVEA Code of Conduct
  • Anti–Fraud, Theft and Corruption Policy
  • National Standards of Enforcement Agents
  • National Standards for Taking Control of Goods issued by Ministry of Justice April 2014
  • Council Tax Reduction Policy
  • Poverty Strategy

The legislation can be found here:

Data Protection

We use personal data for the administration, collection and recovery of debt which is set out within this policy and in line with legislation and the Council’s Data Protection Policy.

The privacy notices on how personal data is used for all the different debt types are available here Privacy notices - East Devon. The main debt types are included below:

Council Tax

council-tax-administration-of-council-tax.pdf (eastdevon.gov.uk)

Business Rates

business-rates-administering-business-rates.pdf (eastdevon.gov.uk)


benefits-administration-of-benefit-claims.pdf (eastdevon.gov.uk)


rental-collection-of-housing-rent.pdf (eastdevon.gov.uk)


car-parks-processing-penalty-charge-notices-and-appeals.pdf (eastdevon.gov.uk)