Guide Colyford Community Governance Review Terms of Reference

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4. Parish areas


The legislation requires that the Council must have regard to the need to secure that community governance within the area under review:

  • Reflects the identities and interests of the community in that area, and
  • Is effective and convenient, and
  • Takes into account any other arrangements for the purposes of community representation or community engagement in the area.


The Council is anxious to ensure that electors should be able to identify clearly with the parish in which they are resident because it considers that this sense of identity and community lends strength and legitimacy to the parish structure, creates a common interest in parish affairs, encourages participation in elections to the parish council, leads to representative and accountable government, engenders visionary leadership and generates a strong, inclusive community with a sense of civic values, responsibility and pride.

Details of the submission made by the Colyford Village Residents Association are appended to these terms of reference.

District Warding and County Division Boundaries

Should the issues which are the subject of this review require any alterations to the boundaries of District Wards or County Divisions, the Electoral Commission is responsible for deciding whether boundary changes of this nature should be made and will require evidence that the Council has consulted on any such recommendations. If the need for changes become apparent during the course of this review the Council will endeavour to incorporate them within in the consultation at the earliest opportunity.