Policy Pay and Reward Strategy

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6. Pay progression

Salary increases relating to living costs are derived from national negotiations with Unison and the Local Government Employers Organisation.  This is the collective bargaining process used to set pay levels in local government.

Our grading structure is designed so that each year, individuals will progress through their grade to the next increment until the maximum of the scale is reached.

An employee will progress automatically through increments; there will be a normal expectation of progression and all staff must have an equal opportunity to demonstrate the required standards. 

Pay progression is based on incremental progression through the grade.  Pay progression can be withheld if performance is unsatisfactory.  This will not be possible unless there has been prior discussion with the individual, which should be recorded, about the knowledge and skills needed to meet the standards and the employee has been given the opportunity to achieve the progress required.  Please ensure you have contacted HR if you are considering withholding an increment increase due to unsatisfactory performance.

An employee can be accelerated through their grade for special merit or ability at the discretion of the Chief Executive in conjunction with the relevant Head of Service/Corporate Manager and Human Resources.

This will require documented evidence through performance excellence reviews and one to one meetings.  This documentation will need to show clearly how objectives have been exceeded.

Individuals should not be verbally promised salary increases under any circumstances without authorisation nor should the likelihood of an increase be implied.  This gives rise to potential grievances and breach of contract claims if these are not subsequently agreed.