Council Tax is normally due on the 1st of each month starting in April and is spread over 10 or 12 months. Payment dates and amounts are on the front of Council Tax bills.

Direct Debit is the quickest and easiest way to pay - set it up now and at the same time you can choose to pay:

  • 10 or 12 monthly, yearly or half-yearly
  • on 1st, 17th or 25th day of the month

If you are unable to set up Direct Debit, you can pay online or by telephone.

To change your Council Tax payment date: 

  • for non-Direct Debit payers, please complete the online form by clicking on the blue start button below. You can change the date as well as how often you pay.
  • for Direct Debit payers, please complete a new Direct Debit instruction.
  • The bill must be paid within the financial year ending 31 March. For example, if you requested in early July to pay over twelve instalments, for the current financial year we would give you eight instalments (August to March) and for future years you would pay over twelve instalments.
  • If you have received a reminder you need to pay this, as your request will only be applied to future instalments
  • If we have issued a final demand you need to deal with this, as your request will only be applied from the next financial year

Please continue to pay the amounts shown on your current Council Tax bill until we send you a new bill with your new instalments. This form should not be used for previous years' charges.

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