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23. What happens when we get it wrong?

When a complaint is found to be justified the Council will:

  • Apologise to the complainant(s)
  • Explain what has been/will be done to put the mistake right.
  • Explain how the error occurred and what has been done to prevent it happening again.


In some cases an apology is all that is necessary and appropriate by way of a remedy.

We will offer redress where we believe that this will best serve the interests of the customer and customer service.  For example, practical action will be considered as part or all of a remedy where a complaint is about failure to take some specific action such as carrying out repairs to a tenant’s house.

Consideration will also be given to any practical action suggested by the complainant(s).

There will be circumstances where we are unable to put the customer back into the position they would have been in because of the amount of time lapsed or due to other events which may since have occurred. 

In such circumstances, we may consider restorative or financial compensation. When considering any redress we will be fair, consistent and mindful of public money. 

When this policy has been published and will be reviewed

Policy published 11 December 2013 (due for review by 31 December 2022)