Policy Environmental Health Enforcement Policy

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22. Departing from the enforcement policy

17.1    All Authorised Officers are expected to work in accordance with the Service’s general policies and procedures or guidance on inspections; investigations and enforcement activities but the Regulators Compliance Code does not apply to the work of individual officers when carrying out there activities. 

17.2    Any departure from the Policy will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances, capable of justification, and only after full consideration and authorisation by the Head of Environmental Health and Health Equalities or the Council's Solicitor. 

17.3    Instances of non-compliance with this policy will be recorded and reported directly to the Head of Environmental Health and Health Equalities, who will instigate appropriate action

When this policy has been published and will be reviewed

Policy published 1 March 2008 (due for review by 1 January 2025)