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11. Principles of enforcement - helpfulness

7.5.1         Advice and assistance are regarded as central to the implementation of the enforcement policy and are used to inform both businesses and individuals of their rights and responsibilities.  Help will be given to businesses, voluntary or community groups, workplace representatives and the public to assist them to comply with statutory requirements.  By adopting this approach and by positively encouraging businesses and others to seek advice and information it is hoped that many issues can be resolved without having to resort to the more formal stages of enforcement action.

7.5.2            Our aim is that our staff will provide a courteous and efficient service. We will take account of comments regarding the behaviour and activity of inspectors and other enforcement staff. All staff will identify themselves by name and must provide official identification when asked.  The purpose of any visit will be properly explained and a contact point or telephone number for any further dealings will be given when required.  Applications for licences, registrations, approvals etc. will be dealt with efficiently and promptly and every effort will be made to ensure that, wherever practicable, the Council’s enforcement services are effectively coordinated to minimise unnecessary overlaps and time delays.

 7.5.3            The Department operates a flexible approach to service delivery, which takes account of the diverse needs of the public and business community. Services will be made available by prior arrangement, out of hours and will be tailored to meet the specific needs of both individuals and businesses.  In delivering services, special arrangements will be made, wherever necessary, to accommodate both ethnicity and disability.