Policy Environmental Health Enforcement Policy

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6. Regulator's Compliance Code

6.1    As a local regulator the East Devon District Council Environmental Health & Health Equalities Service should have regard to the requirements of the Regulators Compliance Code as specified by Section 22 of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006.

6.2    The principles underlying the Code require a policy of firm but fair regulation. This includes proportionality in the application of the law and in securing compliance; consistency of approach; targeting of enforcement action; transparency and openness about how the Service operate; helpfulness in offering advice and assistance in a courteous manner so that those regulated know what to expect from the Service as well as accountability for actions.

 6.3    Commitment to the principles of the Code will be demonstrated by: -

  • taking all enforcement decisions in a proportionate manner;
  • striving for high standards of consistency;
  • ensuring that all enforcement staff are helpful, courteous and efficient;
  • measuring performance against agreed standards, where appropriate.