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18. Promotion, prevention and publicity

13.1    Promotion is an essential part of the policy as it raises awareness of the Unit’s services, informs people of their legal responsibilities and encourages co-operation between officers and the regulated.  A strong element of self-regulation is considered essential and support for this will be provided through newsletters, leaflets, direct contact and where appropriate, seminars.

13.2   Feedback and other information from regulated entities and others are welcomed to assist in the development both of the content and style of regulatory guidance and the improvement of the regulatory enforcement service in East Devon.

13.3    Inspections to various types of business premises are carried out each year to a frequency determined by risk.  This system of inspection is seen as a means of building positive relationships between the Department and businesses.

13.4   We will provide, so far as is practicable, targeted and practical advice, normally free of charge that meets the needs of those regulated. A reasonable request for advice will not directly trigger an enforcement action unless the person requesting advice asks for such action to be considered or the officer can reasonably foresee that without further investigation a serious matter could arise. Advice may be provided in a range of formats, such as through face to face interactions, telephone assistance, online guidance or newsletters. When offering compliance advice we will distinguish between statutory requirements and advice or guidance aimed at improvements above minimum standards. Advice will be confirmed in writing if requested.

 13.5    East Devon District Council will, where possible, following a successful prosecution, name companies and individuals that have been convicted in the previous 12 months of breaking the law.  Media attention will, where appropriate, be drawn to any impending prosecution or any successful prosecution to draw attention to the need to comply with specific legal requirements, or deter anyone tempted to disregard their duties and responsibilities.