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5. Human Rights Act

5.1    The Environmental Health & Health Equalities Service is a public authority for the purposes of the Human Rights Act 1998. Environmental Health & Health Equalities staff will, therefore, apply the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights in accordance with the Act.

 5.2    The Human Rights Act places everyone under a duty to interpret all legislation compatibly with the Convention Rights incorporated by the Act and requires East Devon District Council, as a public Authority, to act in accordance with the Convention Rights.  Authorised Officers will, accordingly, ensure that respect for human rights is at the core of their day-to-day work.  This covers all aspects of the District Council’s activities including: - 

  • drafting Rules and Regulations;
  • internal staff and personnel issues;
  • administrative procedures;
  • decision making;
  • policy implementation;
  • interaction with members of the public.