Guide Small Community Grants

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2. What we will fund

This fund is currently closed to new applications, it is likely to re-open again in early November 2022. If this temporary closure will cause significant issues to you due to the timescale of your project, please contact us to discuss: 

We will fund:

  • Community led ideas and initiatives that will benefit East Devon’s communities.
  • We can give grants of between £300 and £500.
  • We would prefer to fund smaller projects, rather than be contributing a small percentage of big costly projects.

Projects must help achieve either or both of the following:

1. One or both of the following key priorities listed in our Council Plan:
- Better homes and communities for all.
- A greener East Devon.
Please see more details about what is included within each priority and so whether your application would be eligible.

2. One or more of the priorities / actions listed in our Poverty Strategy