If your personal licence has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed then you'll need to apply for a replacement. 

Authorised officers can ask to see your personal licence and you are legally required to be able to produce it. 

How to tell us

You can send us an email asking for a replacement licence.  You'll need to tell us what happened to the original licence. Please also tell us your personal licence number if you know it. 


You'll be charged a fee for this application. Please make sure you are aware of how much this will cost

Data Protection

Any personal information which you provide will be held and used by East Devon District Council for the purpose of the licensing service to process your application for a replacement personal licence and administer your personal licence.  Your information may also be shared within East Devon District Council for the purposes of carrying out our lawful functions.  Otherwise your personal information will not be disclosed to anybody outside East Devon District Council without your permission, unless there is a lawful reason to do so, for example disclosure is necessary for crime prevention or detection purposes.  Your information will be held securely and will not be retained for any longer than is necessary.  There are a number of rights available to you in relation to our use of your personal information, depending on the reason for processing.  Further detail about our use of your personal information can be found in the relevant privacy notice