A transfer application must be made immediately if the premises licence holder changes.

You'll need to transfer the licence into your name before you can operate.

You can ask for a transfer application to have immediate effect so that you can start operating the business as soon as we receive your application.  

There will however be 14 days (from the day after we receive the application) in which the Police or the Home Office (Immigration Enforcement) can make a representation. 

If no representation is received, your application will be granted and you’ll receive your licence in the post.  If a representation is received we will contact you about this.

How to apply

The new licence holder or holders will need to apply to transfer the licence.

The existing licence holder will need to give their consent to the transfer.

Emergency cover

If a premises licence holder:

  • dies
  • becomes mentally incapable
  • becomes insolvent, or
  • their immigration status expires

the licence will lapse and a you must apply to transfer the licence to a new licence holder within 28 consecutive days if you want to keep it.

If you're not in a position to transfer the licence to a new holder then you can apply for an interim authority notice. This allows the applicant to run the business for up to three months before a transfer application must be made if you want to keep the licence.


Anyone who is carrying on or proposing to carry on a business in the premises to which the application relates can apply for a transfer of a premises licence. 

Individual applicants must be aged 18 or over.

Displaying your licence

You must display the licence summary at your premises where it can be easily seen. The licence will name the premises licence holder.

The other pages of the licence should be kept safely at the premises. Police or council officers can ask to inspect them at any time.


Further guidance about premises licences, the effect of the Act and the licensable activities is in our GN1 guide to the Licensing Act 2003.



If you have an issue with a licensed premises there are different people you should contact depending on the problem.  

Public register

You can view details of existing premises licences and a list of current applications on our licensing public register.