Please read our information about charitable street collections before you apply.

How to apply

You can apply for a charitable street collection permit online.

Before you apply you'll need to email us to make sure that the collection area and date you want is available. If it is available we can give you a provisional booking. 

We must receive your application at least 28 days before the collection date

When you fill in the application you'll need to tell us:

  • your details
  • the charity, fund or organisation to benefit
  • your preferred dates, hours and location for collecting
  • if you are promoting this collection alongside a house-to- house collection
  • how many people you plan to authorise as collectors 

Data Protection

Find out about our Privacy Notices and how we will use information about you

What you'll need to do after the collection

You'll need to supply a return for the collection giving an account of the monies raised.  You'll need to give this to us within one month of the collection date. 

The return must be certified by a qualified accountant as set out in regulation 16 of our street collection regulations.