Guide Building control building notice application - commitments and responsibilities

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12. Contraventions

What we will do.

We cannot be sure if defects or contraventions exist where the owner or builder has failed to notify us before an element of the works is covered up. In these circumstances we will assess whether any opening up of the work and/or taking down is required to establish a remedy for the matter. In some cases a retrospective application for a regularisation certificate may be the only way forward or the issue of a completion certificate may be delayed, or withheld.

What we will not do.

Where problems do occur we will always provide advice to assist in resolving the issues, however we cannot design building works or instruct how to make works compliant as the responsibility for compliant design remains with the Architect, Agent, Designer, Builder and ultimately the Building owner.

What you will need to do (including a builder, architect or agent acting for you).

Where contraventions are identified you will need to correct or remove the works, within 28 days or as agreed with Building control.