Guide Building control building notice application - commitments and responsibilities

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9. Work progresses

What we will do.

We intend to inspect building works at key stages for the purposes of identifying contraventions or potential contraventions. Where site inspections reveal contraventions, we will advise you in writing to enable corrective work to be carried and arrange for it to be re inspected.

We ensure that all staff have sufficient Health and Safety training and are focused on construction site safety. Our officers will also comply with your (and the builders) reasonable instructions in relation to their conduct when visiting the site.

What we will not do.

We cannot design building works or instruct how to make works compliant as the responsibility for compliant design remains with you.

Building control reserves the right to refuse to carry out a site inspection where this would put the health and safety of the officer at risk, any instances of this nature will be communicated to you, so that you have an opportunity to take corrective action ASAP, to enable the inspection to be carried out.

What you will need to do (including a builder, architect or agent acting for you).

You will need to notify us when each relevant stage of work is complete and ready for inspection. At least 24 hours’ notice should be given to us to ensure there is a reasonable opportunity to inspect the relevant completed stage of work. 

You need to ensure that our officers have access to the Building Work at all reasonable times, as is necessary to inspect the works. Where access is restricted or withheld the council may apply to the Court for a warrant to gain access in order to carry out its duties.

Where a stage of works has been covered prior to inspection we may require the work to be opened up to verify compliance.

Unless advised otherwise by your Building Control Surveyor beforehand, photographs are not an acceptable alternative to a site inspection.


As work progresses through the inspection stages.


Extra charges may be incurred by defective work, any additional charges will be applied towards the end of the project after the full costs are known.