Guide Building control building notice application - commitments and responsibilities

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2. Prior to submitting an application

What we will do.

Give one hour of free advice in relation to the applicable building regulation requirements.

What we will not do.

We cannot design building works or instruct how to make the works compliant as the responsibility for design remains with the agent, designer, builder and ultimately, the building owner.

What you will need to do (including a builder, architect or agent acting for you).

Note from the outset that responsibility for ensuring that building works comply with the building regulations lies with the building owner but the agent and builder also have some responsibility, including for the design, specification and management (including project management and clerk of works roles).

Responsibility for submitting notices, obtaining building permits, other approvals, licenses or permissions in connection with the works lies with the applicant, architect, agent and builder.


One hour of advice is free.