Guide Building control full plans application - commitments and responsibilities

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13. Completion

What we will do.

We will undertake a completion inspection and if satisfied that there are no outstanding conditions or contraventions and all relevant certificates and documentation is in order then we will issue a Completion certificate.

The Completion certificate is evidence, but not conclusive evidence that the building work complies with the Building regulations.

The Completion certificate is a legal document, without which the applicant (owner) may have difficulty selling the property, gaining a mortgage on the property and in some cases this can affect building insurance cover and premiums.

What we will not do.

We will not send out a completion certificate until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Building control must be notified within 5 days where works are to be Occupied or are Completed whichever occurs first.

Ensure timely payment of any supplemental charges.


As soon as possible and within the 8 week statutory time limit.


Any extra charges incurred will be applied at this stage, if not before.

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Last updated 14 January 2022