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15. Cancelling an Application

An  application  will  be  cancelled  from  the  housing  register  in  the  following circumstances;

  • At the applicant’s request.
  • If the applicant becomes ineligible for housing.
  • When  the  applicant  has  been  adequately  and  appropriately  re-housed including into the private rented sector. Applicants are expected to update DHC, as a consequence the DHC banding will be reduced to E band.
  • Where an applicant fails to ensure that the information in their application     is up to date, their application will be suspended.
  • When the applicant purchases a property/shared ownership property.
  • When an applicant fails to bid in a 6 month period and provides no justifiable reason for not bidding.
  • Where an applicant moves and does not provide contact details. In this case the application will be suspended, unless no response is received.
  • An executor or personal representative notifies the Council that an applicant is deceased (unless the rest of the household still needs rehousing).
  • Where an applicant has omitted to include information on their application which makes them ineligible for housing? (for example criminal convictions).
  • Applications can be suspended for a period of up to two years if information is found to be false, omitted or considered to be misleading.

An applicant can appeal their suspension decision by contacting the council in writing, addressing their appeal to the Housing Enabling and Allocations Manager.

When an application is cancelled, we will contact the applicant or their representative, either by email or letter, to notify them. Where an applicant has been highlighted as vulnerable, the customer’s circumstances will be verified before an application is cancelled. The applicant has a right to ask for a review of the decision.

Where  an  applicant  wishes  to  re-join  the  housing  register  at  a  later  date,  their application date will be the date they reapply, this will only apply under a change of circumstances.