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7. Reasonable Preference

By law Local Authorities must award ‘reasonable preference’ to certain   categories of applicant:

Applicants who are homeless within the meaning of part 7 of the Housing Act 1996 (including those who are intentionally homeless and those not in priority need)

Applicants who are owed a duty by any Housing Authority under the Housing Act1996 section 190 (2), 193 (2) or 195 (2) or the Housing Act 1985 section 65 (2) or 68 (2), or who are occupying accommodation secured by any such Authority under section 192 (3).

Applicants who are occupying insanitary or overcrowded housing or otherwise living in unsatisfactory housing conditions

Applicants who need to move on medical, support or welfare grounds, including grounds relating to disability.

Applicants who need to move to a particular locality in the district of the Authority where failure to meet that need would cause hardship to themselves or others.

The  DHC  allocations  scheme  is  based  on  a  banded  system  which  gives reasonable  preference  to  the  above  categories  of  applicants  along  with additional preference given to current or former members of the armed forces, their spouses or civil partners, as set out below. Further additional preferences may be applied to meet local and/or other legislative priorities.