Policy Housing Allocation Policy

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5. Notifying an ineligible or non-qualifying customer

Applications from ineligible or non-qualifying applicants will not be accepted on to the DHC Housing register. The applicant will be notified of the decision of ineligibility or non- qualification and the grounds for the decision.

If an applicant is accepted onto the DHC register, but subsequently becomes ineligible, their housing   application   will   be   removed   and   the   applicant   notified.   Under   such circumstances, any offer of accommodation that may have been made will be considered null and void and rescinded. Applicants found to be ineligible or non-qualifying have the right to ask for a review of the decision.

Mitigation of behaviour that has led to exclusion or non-acceptance may be taken into account as will circumstances where applicants are excluded but are deemed to be at risk if they do not move. In both cases a sustained programme of monitored engagement with the Councils Housing Options Officers will be expected.