Guide Exmouth BMP Update: Frequently Asked Questions

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16. How does the Beach Management Plan fit with the Shoreline Management Plan and Exe Estuary Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy (EEFCERMS)?

The South Devon & Dorset Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) that covers this area was adopted in 2011 and sets out the long-term vision and associated policies for sustainable coastal flood and erosion risk management over the next 100 years. SMPs consider appropriate management on a regional scale considering strategic linkages between the physical environment, natural environment and human-use of the coast. The SMP policy for the BMP frontage is Hold the Line for the next 100 years. Further details are available on the Environment Agency's webpages. 

​Exe Estuary Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy 

The Exe Estuary Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy (EEFCERMS) was commissioned by the Environment Agency and adopted in 2013. It sets out the preferred approach to implementing the SMP policies at the scale of the Exe Estuary. This includes the Exmouth foreshore as part of its considerations of the future coastal flood risk and habitat evolution of the Exe Estuary. 

This too considers potential schemes to improve flood and coastal risk management assets, however it was finished prior to the Exmouth Beach Management Plan (2015), considers the wider Exe Estuary, and also has an additional focus on habitat management. 

The BMP Update project will consider in more detail at the local scale, the required actions to facilitate implementation of the SMP policy and EEFCERMS over the next 5 years.​ The BMP will provide the basis for future scheme development and design of the works required.