Guide Exmouth BMP Update: Frequently Asked Questions

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2. Why does Exmouth need a Beach Management Plan?

Beach Management Plans act as a guide for management of the beach and hard coastal defences with a view to managing the risk of flooding and erosion to properties and community infrastructure.  

In Exmouth, the BMP will help East Devon determine the most appropriate way to sustainably manage the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to property and other assets along the Exmouth frontage in the immediate future by ensuring that an adequate beach is maintained in support of the hard defence/control structures, alongside adequate maintenance of the hard defence structures themselves to ensure they remain in good to fair condition; set in the context of what needs to happen longer-term to achieve this. The BMP sets out how to do this considering technical, economic and environmental factors. 

The BMP provides the evidence base which will allow East Devon to access funding from Central Government known as Flood & Coastal Risk Management Grant in Aid.