Guide Exmouth BMP Update: Frequently Asked Questions

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7. What were the main outcomes of the 2015 Exmouth Beach Management Plan?

The Exmouth Beach Management Plan produced in 2015 highlighted many required actions. These actions can broadly be divided into four main categories: 

Management Actions 

These are mostly administrative actions that are required, including seeking Marine Licenses prior to the commencement of required works on the foreshore. 

Monitoring Actions 

A combination of visual inspections and acquired data are to be used to monitor any changes to the shoreline or hard defences, for example, analysing beach profiles to monitor the shape of the beach over time.   

Maintenance Actions 

These actions are in relation to maintaining the condition of the beach and hard defence assets as required, such as ensuring recycling of beach material is recorded appropriately. 

Future Research 

Consideration given to any future interventions that may be required such as emergency rock armour.    

A full list of the specific actions can be found in Section 6 of the Beach Management Plan