Guide Exmouth BMP Update: Frequently Asked Questions

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18. How will environmental designations in the area both influence, and be impacted by, future coastal risk management decisions?

Coastal management can have a significant impact on geological features, wildlife habitats, coastal processes, landforms and heritage features. The conservation of these habitats and features in a changing environment remains a key aspect in terms of environmental sustainability. Future management of the coast needs to allow natural habitats and features to respond and adjust to change, such as accelerated sea level rise. It must also comply with the legislation relating to important conservation designations protecting many habitats along the coastal frontage.

In developing the BMP update, we will review the possible future coastal risk management options against a range of technical, economic, and environmental impact/opportunity criteria to seek to minimise and/or identify mitigation of any potential environmental impacts.

As part of this, we will in due course be producing various environmental assessments including a Habitats Regulation Assessment.