Guide Standard conditions of contract

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15. Interruption to supply of service delivery

If owing to;

                        (i) any strike or lock out or any working to rule,

                        (ii) civil commotion,

                        (iii) cessation or material interruption of traffic by air, road, rail or sea,

                        (iv) force majeure, or

                        (v) exceptionally inclement weather,


either party of the Contract shall be unable to continue the provision or receipt of the Service or any part of it, such party shall not be bound during such inability to provide or receive as the case may be the Service or such part of it which but for this clause such party ought during that period to have provided or received, and after the termination of such inability the Buyer shall, within one month after the cessation of such inability, determine whether it requires the Service or that part of it to be cancelled or to be supplied. In the latter event the Contract shall be performed in the same manner as if the time for provision and receipt had been extended by a period equal to the duration of such inability.