Guide Standard conditions of contract

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9. Supplier’s conduct in carrying out the service

9.1          The Supplier shall not deliver materials, plant or anything else connected with the Service, nor commence any work on or to the Facility, without obtaining the Buyer’s prior consent.


9.2          Access to the whole or any part of the Facility shall not be exclusive to the Supplier but only such as shall enable it to carry out the Service concurrently with the activities of others. The Supplier shall co-operate with such others as the Buyer may reasonably require.


9.3          The Buyer shall have the power at any time during the progress of the Service to order in writing:-

(a)          the removal from the Facility of any materials which in the opinion of the Buyer are either hazardous, noxious or not in accordance with the Contract, and /or

(b)          the substitution of alternative, but similar, more appropriate, safe and suitable materials, and/or

(c)           the proper re-execution, notwithstanding any previous or interim payment, of any work which, in respect of material or workmanship, is not in the opinion of the Buyer in accordance with the Contract.